Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I May Know the Word

It seems that Words With Friends can be all-consuming. This isn't a good thing.

I find myself waiting for people to finish their turn so I get mine back - all so I can lose another game.  I suck at the game, but I keep trying. And yes, it can be a total time suck. I'm even starting games with - gasp - strangers!!!!

For g-d's sake, the game isn't called Words With Strangers!

Unlike Morty or Becky, I haven't yet played strategy, so it always leads to my demise. Or almost always. Usually.

You see, I'm happy just to get rid of some of my letters and not focus on if it is both a double-letter and triple-word score - all the while using my Q, J and Z in the same word. This is why I lose - big time.

I find myself trying random letters to see if they make words that I do not know. I can't remember which word I did come up with but Becky called me on it and asked if I was cheating. Trust me - if I were actually cheating, I wouldn't actually be losing by 100 -150 points per game. I mean, I suppose I could be a bad cheater.

As you can see in my image, I can't even get the easiest words to work in my favor. And if it did, it would have only gotten me seven frickin' points. But the PC Police stopped me dead in my tracks. Yet Morty gets 34 points for LAZE.

Do you want to know the word I did end up using?  Look at my tiles with all those 'O's. That along with the 'F' I was trying to use ended up spelling 'ROOFIE'. And it scored quite nicely, thank you.

Two nights ago, the game actually let me spell 'JISM'.  Yes, I can spell date rape drugs and the consequence from them, but I can't use the name that many of us have been called since 6th grade.  Unfortunately, I wasn't playing with a friend, just a random person. I can only imagine what she thought.  I don't know why I assumed it was a woman, I just did.

I do like how 'fag' "not an acceptable word" - on many levels. And clearly, before some of the militant homos get on their soapbox, you know I'm joking and all I was just trying to use up my letters. It's about winning - any way you can.

Song by:  Natalie Merchant


rebecca said...


BosGuy said...

Too funny... I never thought of trying those words. I'm addicted to this game.

A Lewis said...

Oh, but it is....I'd love to have one. (No, wait, I really don't want one......actually....)

brian said...

After Platinum class update, could
"Words with Friends" be far behind?

Wonder Man said...

love this

Erik Rubright said...

But if you're British, doesn't that word mean something totally different? Maybe the Brits have a different library they use.

I probably should open up that app. I actually haven't played it in... months.

tornwordo said...

Why aren't we playing? If you're only playing on the iphone, link it with FB so we can. Alternatively, when you're on the puter, add Words with Friends in FB and start a game wif me. Pout.