Monday, December 05, 2011

My Music Monday

In continuing with the theme of my last couple of My Music Monday posts, this is kind of a combination of the two.

Where as last week's "Farmer's Daughter" was more a cappella then a song with full accompaniment, and "Stairway to Heaven" being a cover of a popular song, today's selection is a bit of both.

How about an a cappella version of Queen's "We Will Rock You". Linda Ronstadt?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  You read that correctly.

While this song exists on a boxed set of her work, I don't know it was actually released on a single disk at any point. It is just buried in the hundreds of songs and styles she has done over the last four decades.

About halfway through there are multiple layers of vocals - all Ronstadt.  Make no mistake, this won't ever be played at a sporting event, unless we're talking a chess match.  It's way too low key of a rendering, as you might expect.

...and it's only one and one-half minutes.  Suck it up and listen to it.  I really found this version to be interesting and it never fails to amuse me when it shuffles through in my iPod.


Anonymous said...

As one of your biggest fan I have to say that I feel your Music Monday posts are like assess chaps. Everyone knows you don't need to say assless as they are actually assless and crochless but yet, who can resist saying assess? An enigma for the tongue.

Erik Rubright said...

That was awfully awesome! Who knew those two could be combined like that? It's like the credit roll music at the end of some really bad porn!