Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music of the Year

As we wrap up the year, I normally throw out a "best of" list, at least when it comes to music.  I go over my music for the still current year and pick out some highlights, or what I think are highlights, and force them upon you.

It was an ok year for music, but nothing outstanding.  I can't even say there was a favourite release that I'd put out there for all of you, but there are some good individual songs, and since the launch of iTunes, it's less about total albums and more about single songs. Sad, but true.

Some years I list five songs, sometimes 10 or more.  This year it is nine. I cannot control the output of good vs bad music.  It is all relative anyways - as no one has the same taste. My good isn't your good.  I just try to share what has piqued my interest.  Maybe you'll come along for the ride, perhaps not.

This year, instead of just listing songs, I can actually put the songs up here for you to play, if you so choose.  Yes, I'm that good.  Here are your, well my, nine:

the Decemberists - This is Why We Fight
Last year the band got a nod with a pre-release from the same disk, The King is Dead, with "Down by the Water".  I still love the entire disk and almost a year later, the song is still in heavy rotation.

Alison Krauss + Union Station - My Love Follows You Where You Go
From their disk Paper Airplane, this song uncharacteristically, somewhat positive for the band. Yes, it has one or two sad-sack lines, but for the most part, it is an up tune.

Alison Krauss + Union Station - Bonita and Bill Butler
AKUS gets a second nod from Paper Airplane. Dan Tyminski takes the lead vocals here in a song bound to annoy most, but I love it.  Total bluegrass. Good luck truly trying to understand how the words go together, but you get the gist of the song, but trust me it takes a few listens just for that.  Hint:  "Bonita" is the name of a ship.

Peter, Bjorn and John - Second Chance
Still a fun song, but it lost some of its appeal, for me, when it became the music attached to some horrid show I saw on a flight called Two Broke Girls.  I guess it's good PB&J are making money, but at what cost?

Gillian Welch - The Way it Goes
One of the few outstanding cuts on her last disk.  David J will hate it.

Arcade Fire - Speaking in Tongues
Their take on the Talking Heads song.  David Byrne even appears on it. This is from an expanded release of The Suburbs.

Shawn Colvin - All He Wants is You
No new disk for Colvin, but a cut from a tribute to Guy Clark. She does a nice job on it - and it is time for a new disk from her.

Rosanne Cash - Better Days
No new disk for Cash either.  Also a cut from the Guy Clark tribute. For someone trying to distance herself from her country music recordings, the last few years proves how good she is at that genre.

Glee Cast - Rumour Has It / Someone Like You
Yeah, you probably didn't see this coming.  I didn't. I like(d) Adele, but to me she's become tiresome as time goes on.  Ditto with Glee.  So it was nice when they did this mash-up that actually had some life, and some talent, attached to a number.  Yeah, there is a place or two where "Santana" screeches a little, but still, it holds my interest.

That's it..........until next year.  Assuming there is a next year and the Mayans were wrong, or that I'm still blogging in a year.


Jonny said...

Agree on the Glee mash up. One of the best they've done.

BosGuy said...

I'm so hopelessly old and lost. I don't know that I've heard any of these this year. I suppose that's what I get for listening rarely to radio and even more rarely to music. :-(

Birdie said...

I actually own one of these. I feel so hip. Oh: it's Arcade Fire.

How did you get the music players on your post? All I've seen require linking to tracks online. Did you use your own tracks?