Saturday, December 24, 2011


Yes, someone in Chicago is making A Christmas Story leg lamp cake.

Of course, it's cute, if not just stupid.  I hate those Ace of Cake like shows. More PVC and plywood than cake and frosting.  I don't find cake to be cake that comes more from Lowes than it does a bakery.

Tonight is our night. It is when we have 17 family members over our house. It's for the holiday.  It's for a niece's birthday, a brother-in-law's birthday, and both my parents. One shot and it takes care of them all.

My father's sister called me yesterday evening in a slight panic as she been trying to get her brother on the horn to wish him a happy birthday. She was unsuccessful, but she was beginning to think the worst.  By the end of the call, I was a little worried myself.

I called and he immediately picked up.  I just said, "call your sister, she thinks you're dead". 

As it turns out he was at the doctor, but for a scheduled visit. Or as I call it, his 1, 092 month check-up.

But tonight we will have too much food and in theory, too much drink. In reality, I'll have three glasses of wine going and put down somewhere - and none of them finished. While we will be running around making sure everyone has everything they need, it is still a lot of fun for us - it keeps us busy and from getting too drunk. And of course, by 'we', I mean 'me'.

Not only that, but we have the room for 17 folks. My parents no longer do - at least not where I'm not completely annoyed at the noise level. Though one of my sisters even offers to host this, and I'm fine with that, even her kids want it at our house. You can't fight the kids, can you?

We'll still be able to clean up after they are all gone and be in bed before Santa arrives.

I do hope you all have a great holiday however you celebrate it, or whatever you celebrate.  And if nothing else TBS will show A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight.

Song by:  Sting


A Lewis said...

Listen pumpkin, don't think less of me, but we actually PURCHASED ($2.99) A Christmas Story on our on-demand TV last night because we wanted to see a Christmas movie. And I made full out-loud mention of the fact that it would be free for an entire 24 hours starting tonight! Thought of you and Cleveland the whole time. Merry Leggy Christmas!

Erik Rubright said...

That's a lot of people in the house. I'd have drank an entire bottle of wine before they even got there just to calm my nerves!

Merry Yaksmas to you and your entire family!

Ur-spo said...

24 hour straight of any show is enough to make the happiest of holidays a bah humbug!

Birdie said...

Yesterday I received a leg lamp stocking from a dear friend who knows what's funny. It's hanging over the fireplace with our other stockings. HO HO HO.