Monday, December 26, 2011

My Music Monday

There are better Shawn Colvin songs than "Round of Blues". There are definitely more famous Colvin songs too.  Well, like two more famous. While she has a Grammy for "Sunny Came Home", her follow-ups weren't radio or video tv friendly.

Coming from her second album, Fat City, it was the only full Colvin disk that was not produced John Leventhal.  This one was mostly produced by Larry Klein, who, at the time, was Joni Mitchell's husband.

Colvin is a self-professed fan of Mitchell, but I suppose many female singer-songwriters are, as Mitchell paved the way for quite a few. Using Klein as producer works for and against Colvin, depending on your viewpoint.

In "Round of Blues" you can surely hear Mitchell-like stylings. I'm not sure if it is Colvin's homage or just Klein's limitations as collaborator.

The song is still good - and one of my first exposures to Colvin. The full disk is good too, though I do prefer either her debut or, oddly enough, the disk she least favours, Whole New You.

....and Shawn is all glammed up here.  This is not her norm.

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