Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Baby

Once again, I did something for all of you that I wouldn't have done (I don't think), had I not had this blog thingy.

Whilst in the Nashville airport at the end of last week, Southwest Airlines was letting you take pictures with Santa for free. Allegedly there were no strings for this. You got a printed out copy and an emailed copy - and they swore they'd never use the email for anything else - selling it or advertising it.

Apparently, they aren't using it for answering me either. I don't have the photo and it seems I won't be getting it - I'm guessing. But let's backtrack for a sec, ok?

So, I go up and sit on a step in front of "Santa" (I don't think he was the real one), and his throne.  One on-looker goes, "aren't you going to sit on his lap?".  I replied that it might be awkward for both of us. What really ran through my head, however, were a half-dozen Jerry Sandusky comments / jokes.

Santa sat there with both hands on each of my shoulders as we waited and waited for the picture to be taken. The cameraman (we will assume his name was "Billy") was having trouble getting the shot, so I sat there feeling more and more uncomfortable as people watched a grown man getting his picture with fake St. Nick.

Once they got the shot, they couldn't boot up the laptop to print out my picture, but I didn't really want a hardcopy, just an emailed one to post here. For you.  {sigh}  Since they couldn't boot up, they just gave me the code to get the image from the website. Fine with me.

When I got to my layover in Chicago, and Southwest had a Santa set-up there too, I knew the first guy wasn't the real Kris Kringle.  But I thought, I should do another photo session, as I was having an uneasy feeling that the lack of PC connectivity at BNA was going to mean a lack of picture / blog post. But I wasn't in the mood to go through all that again, so I just went to my gate.

Now I regret that inaction.  My code doesn't work to retrieve the picture.  My emails go unanswered as to where this picture might be, when all I was expecting was an apology that it doesn't truly exist - much like Santa himself.  Like so many letters written to that man, I'm getting no response. Figures.

It should be noted that this was co-sponsored and co-branded by Microsoft. Just another reason to go Apple, if you axe me. If the picture ever presents itself, of course, I'll post. Don't hold your breath though.  I'm not.

On another note, we got our first real snow of the season yesterday.

Nothing detrimental, but it was nice having it on a weekend instead of a workday. Though we live in a snow belt, and many folks here have not migrated from the south, so they should know how to drive even on the first snow of the year, but they don't because they are complete morons. I say let them figure it out on a day where many have to be nowhere at a specific time - let them get it out of their system.

I've sat in my car in first 5" of snow (which is about what we got yesterday) of the season on a workday for hours trying to get home, which when working at an office, was only five miles door to door. Since I"m working from home now, I guess I don't, or shouldn't, really care.

It's pretty, that's for sure. And our evening plans were cancelled, so we were happy just to nest at home.

Song by: Eartha Kitt


brian said...

During yesterday's snow there were many errands to be run by auto.
On Belvoir, saw a wicked accident and drivers were clueless about the hazzards of snow driving.
Arriving home and parking the car in its garage, was never more satisfying.

Ur-spo said...

the snow shot is marvelous; at this time of year I miss snow the most.

BosGuy said...

Holy cow that is a lot of snow. It was bitterly cold in Boston on Sunday but still no snow, which is fine by me.

Wonder Man said...

Snow? I think I've forgot about snow living in LA