Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What If We Went to Italy

I haven't been to Italy.  I have no planned excursions to Italy.  It turns out I have no real songs to describe food, let alone Italian food, now that I've used most of the ones that have 'cook' in the title.

I mean, ziti is Italian, right?

My plan, when I started to work from home was to do a lot more cooking.  It has not worked out this way, but I'm trying to change that. Take two nights ago.

It seems my go-to blog for food ideas in the past year or so has been Bo's Bowl, I didn't stray with this one either, I got his Three Cheese Baked Ziti recipe out from 18 months ago and tried it finally.

Bo doesn't say anything about it being lo-cal and I don't think it was meant to be.  I used a lesser fat mozzarella and bought fat free ricotta by mistake, but it didn't seem to harm anything.  I thought everything tasted good and more importantly, so did 710.

Prep time takes no longer than what it takes to boil the pasta (10 minutes!).  You can mix up the cheeses and such while that happens and then it's 50 minutes to bake. Easy.

In the title image I had already started mixing two cheeses, parsley, pepper and egg before I remembered to take the picture.  Oops.  But there isn't a lot of ingredients to work with so everything is fairly simple.

 Yeah, there is a lot of mozzarella (2 cups), but who doesn't like baked/broiled mozzarella? 

It makes a hell of a lot of food.  Too much for two people.  Two nights ago it was the main course with a nice green salad.  We'll use it here and there for side dishes or a quick lunch for me.  Or both.

The Three Cheese Baked Ziti was nice for a cool and rainy evening.  Great comfort food and one of those very casual meals to serve for the non-formal dinner when friends come over.

Song by:  Mary Chapin Carpenter


Ray's Cowboy said...

Looks yummy to me.


Erik Rubright said...

Mmm... cheesy cheesy goodness.

A Lewis said...

Good god....just look at that yummy bottom picture....delicous! Love those thick, rich colors of melted yummy dark cheese.....

Bo said...

Glad you guys enjoyed...I had forgotten about that one.