Friday, December 09, 2011


I made it.

Well, it is not official, as the airline website isn't yet been updated, but this last trip that I completed just yesterday puts me at Platinum status.

It is the little goals in life, like this, that make traveling business folks like me happy.  The small victories.

The upgrades to first class are certainly nice and going from Silver to Gold to Platinum should, in theory, make it easier and more frequent.

The bigger perk is the early boarding time.  I want it for the overhead storage space.  Those suckers coming in later who don't have it, that would bite the big one.

The travel this time was non-momentous. Vegas and back.  All work.  No play.  No dinner with David G. I tried, alas a bit too late.  But when I made Platinum I don't know what state or city I was over.  It wasn't a George Clooney moment from Up in the Air.  No Sam Elliot to come out of the cockpit and congratulate me.

Actually, the drink lady just passed me by without asking if I wanted anything.

"Elite", my ass.

I did get to see the "airplane version" of Crazy Sexy Love.  It wasn't as sucky, or predictable, of a movie as the trailer led me to believe.  Truth be told, I spent too much time trying to figure out what words they swapped out for the dirty ones actually used in the original release.

Song by:  New Order


Anonymous said...

Way to go!

AJohnP said...

Congrats! I remember when you were just a wee, Silver Status passenger.
Ok, I don't really, but I'm happy you're platinum. :-)

Brett said...

Congrats!!!! I just hit Platinum on the high-speed train over here...'Thalys'...who knew that existed!!

A Lewis said...

Ooh la la...the special carpet! (I thought it was supposed to be a red carpet.....). Remind me to get you a cocktail the next time you're on my flight....

The Drink Lady