Saturday, June 11, 2011

You'll See

Like states and ballparks, I have another list of things I'm checking off - slowly, but surely:  meeting blogger buddies.

I have now checked another one off, a guy:  Stevie B.  Or his mirror site:  Stevie B.

I can totally relate to Stevie's issue of trying to move from Blogger to WordPress.  I attempted the same thing years ago and ran two different, but same, sites concurrently.  I tried to make the leap, but it didn't work.  As you might know, I went back to Blogger as my editor years ago.

I think Stevie felt he wasn't alone in this dilemma, but on the other hand, I gave him no encouraging outcome (sorry about that!).

I stumbled across NTSSB and I do not know how.  I think it was when looking at who was referring to my site, his URL came up, so I checked it out.  Clearly I liked his style and his humour, as I blogrolled him right back, asking permission before doing so, of course.  He seemed thrilled with the idea.

Ok, maybe "thrilled" is a little too much, but he didn't say "no'.  So that was my take away.

If you discount the three folks I know (and I do!) who has/had a blog, Stevie B now makes the 4th one I have met.  All of them I have had drinks and/or eats with, so it's not just a 'hey, how's it going' kind of thing. Steive was no different. 

I gave him the head's up I was coming to Denver and he drove the 20 miles from Boulder to meet me for lunch.  We walked down the main street till we found a place to grab a burger and beer - and we had a nice talk about blogs, biking, growing up, partners.  You know - the norm.

It's a good picture of him, but I'd say it doesn't do him complete justice.  He's a looker, and he's got an incredible pair of chompers on him.  I bet his dentist loves him.

So it was nice to see and be with Stevie B for a few hour just eating, drinking and gabbing.

Song by:  Madonna


Cubby said...

Very nice. It seems there are a lot of blogger meet-ups going on lately.

Anonymous said...

How do you fit all that sexy into 1 little picture!

I hope someday to start adding bloggers Ive met to my blog until then I live vicariously through others....

BosGuy said...

Nice picture of the two of you. I too enjoy meeting fellow bloggers. I was able to hang out with PacsPad in Atlanta this week and had a great time.

Ur-spo said...

Good for you!
I hope to meet all my blogger buddies some day too.

Wonder Man said...

I like meeting bloggers, hope to meet more

Jim said...

StevieB was lucky this week, meeting 2 bloggers! He is a handsome lad!

I also wish to meet more blogger buddies.