Monday, June 20, 2011

My Music Monday

I will admit to not being a follower of the group the Roots, but others might.

As a hip-hop/soul band with a rotating membership, they are actually quite talented with a certain kind of funky groove that I enjoy.  Not enough to know their every move or every song.

Like the fact that, until I was beginning to post this, did I know they were now the house band for Jimmy Fallon's show?  I did not.  But to my credit I have never seen Jimmy Fallon's show because, to my credit, I dislike Jimmy Fallon.

Anyways, back in 2002, I heard Terry Gross interview the band about their then new disk, Phrenology. While she played or sampled a number of tracks, one stood out for me that I went so far and used Napster to "share":  "The Seed (2.0)".

I got it more for music and rhythm than I did for the lyrics or theme.  They do lay down a great bass and drum line, but don't discount the guitar.  It makes up for the fact that the song is about procreation and I try not to cringe at the line, "I push my seed in her bush for life".   That said, it is done all very tastefully or at least with good soul.

In truth, I have so many songs, this one got lost in the shuffle, but I was driving home over the weekend and it popped up and decided then and there to include it in this little feature.  Granted, back in 2002,  I way overplayed it, so I don't know how long of a shelf-life it has with certain individuals, but for a while I loved it.  Now I like it......but not love.

We're just friends.

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david said...

OK, I have to give you some white boy street cred for stepping out with the Roots. I love that they are a house band on late night TV. They must want to spend time with their kids.