Sunday, June 12, 2011


You would think after three nights (and partial days) of drinking, that after getting home, I would have been happy to detox.

You'd be wrong.

I was thrilled to be home, but when it came to dinner options,  sitting outside at Lopez seemed like the thing to do.  I wasn't about to fire up a grill or the stove in the mid-80 degree heat.   ....oh, and I was lazy.

We both love Lopez.  It's an independent restaurant and on days like this:  packed.  It is great to see something like that thrive.  As it turns out, we would have had to wait 45 minutes for outdoor seating.  We were happy to sit inside too, so we did.  ....oh, and I was hungry!

Of course the first thing we did was to order two margaritas, large.  One with salt, one without.  Or as the server called mine: naked.

We did keep it to one drink. I was driving and there has to be some decrease on alcohol consumption.  I think I hit my total limit of booze for the week month.

I'm sure it was quite the coincidence that the new place two doors down from Lopez was Club Sober.

Song by:  the Champs


Ur-spo said...

Club Sober does not sound very fun; and I don't imagine you can get a good margarita there.

rebecca said...

So what?

I'm having a hard time switching the party button back to "off". Maybe it's just unnatural!