Thursday, June 02, 2011

Friends of Mine

I know it is not just me, but it could be.  I have the bestest group of friends. I'm sure you could all argue the fact, but since I don't know all of your friends and vice versa, it's my word against yours.   pffffffft.

Rebecca, Morty, Jon, Dith and I have been friends for better part of a quarter century.  Isn't that crazy?  I think it is possible, that as a group we have emailed almost every day since 1999.   Almost every email we send goes to each other and the responses fly - or sometimes not.  Talk about knitting and the boys responses come to a screeching halt.  Talk about new cars or new car potential, and we've lost Rebecca.   We're a delicate bunch.

As time and tide take their toll, we have migrated to different cities and states, have met others and moved on - but only somewhat.  I don't see a world where we are ever not in touch as much as we currently are.

And every now and then, we all get together. Physically.  Ok, it's rare we are all together, but we try and sometimes a number of us get the opportunity to hang - as it was last weekend.  Alas, Jon could not make it and he was so very missed, but it is even a rarity to get 4 of the 5 together.  Morty was happy to host.  Or at least he said he was.

So I flew into Columbus relatively the same time Rebecca did and Ditto was there to meet us.  As mentioned, I never got out of the airport without a beer. It'd been that kind of day week.

Truth be told, I took a big swig of Becky's beer before ordering one of my own.   Which explains (well, kind of, but not really), the belch I was doing when Becca snapped this pic of me and Dith.

The weekend was filled with beer, wine, food, and a lot of sitting around yakking.  And pictures.  Our smartphones were making us dumb, but we captured more shots than we ever normally would - most of which you are not privy to, but I'll share what I can.

Denton's knee and the rest of the gang.  Well, they are my fingers.  Photosynth didn't let me spin the camera around fast enough to capture me.  Phew.

One day we went to the "office" of Morty's partner.  He's a bug man.  It turns out Blobby does not like bugs, spiders and creepy crawly things.  I'm the first to admit to being a total wuss to that.  Scorpions, tarantulas and other genus and species I cannot pronounce, I certainly won't touch - unless with a rolled up newspaper or flyswatter.

What I think is a great pic of Becca and myself. ...and while we might have been drinking, I did not use the image where we looked drunk.

Dith and me again.  And look folks, I. Am. Smiling.  Hell, I'm laughing. 

Becky also taped 25 minutes of us on her MacBook.  The idea was for us to edit it so I could post it here on this blog thingy. I think I'll have to have her DropBox it so I can work on it.  I have DB, but ti's been so long, I don't know how to use it. 

I don't really know what the future holds for us.  We get along with such ease - at least for 2-3 days at a time.  I know there was high falutin' talk about where we'd all retire.  Fuck, getting together for a weekend is hard enough, agreeing on one place we'd all want to live seems beyond monumental.

I think it would be fun.   Only time will tell.  I don't even see a future with retirement.  I hope I'm wrong.

Song by:  the National


Cubby said...

I smell a sitcom...

Birdie said...

What a lovely krewe. How did y'all meet? And will you finally explain what "not Jon's boss" really means?

Be careful -- your carefully crafted image as a curmudgeon is being compromised.

AJohnP said...

Good Lord...that picture (of the 'bug man') gave me the jim-jams. Yikes.
Your friends look like fun!!!

Morty said...

Yay - the African Walking Stick Insects made your blog!!

rebecca said...

Oooh Cubby great idea!! It was a great weekend. We'll retire anywhere. Promise! My word verification is "Foids," btw! And I'd be surprised if any of us really remember the origins of not Jon's boss.

anne marie in philly said...

nice group of friends. I don't have anything like that. no pity party for me, though; I do just fine.

the word "retirement" does not appear in my vocabulary. and it never will.