Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Evening

So here we are:  Summer Day 1.  Well, technically sometime in the early afternoon EDT.

I'm always looking forward to Summer.  I guess I look forward to all of the seasons, save Winter.   Spring of course, because it signifies the end of Winter.  Cruel Cruel Winter.

Where was Bananarama on that one?

I have not bitched about the heat this year for two reasons:  we have not experienced it yet, but mainly I can't.  I will bitch up and down about the cold and figure you can only pick one to moan about.  I've opted for cold.

But it is the longest day of the year.  I'll be stuck inside doing work related things in Tennessee.

Tennessee, where it is scheduled to be in the mid-90s today.   It's ok.  It'll all be ok.

I'm not in Ohio.  I will miss home. I will not miss the scheduled five or six days of continual rain.  We no longer need it.  We haven't for a long time, but yet it comes.  Daily.

The lawn looks great.

I do look forward to the summer evenings.  Sitting outside.  Taking walks.  Eating on a patio, be it ours or a restaurant.  The evenings make the year.  They make the season.

Enjoy it all while you can.  We know it won't and cannot last.  I try not to reflect on that aspect, just the now - at least in Summer.  For Winter, I do look forward.  Fast forward.  It never comes.  Not fast enough anyway.

Song by:  Gillian Welch


Birdie said...

I love the sunlight and heat of summer. I'm getting a major dose this week in the tiny town of Helen, GA. Yesterday's high: 91°. We float on the river today. (I mistyped "gloat" but that works too.)

AJohnP said...

I hear ya'. Even if I'm not a big fan of swimming, I love sitting by our pool or spending time out on the screened in porch. When it the time comes to close them up for the fall/winter it's beyond depressing.
Enjoy it while you can!!!

Dith said...

I'm stealing this: "The evenings make the year. They make the season."

Love it.