Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foul Play

I don't think anyone would call me a sports-watching guy, for the most part.

Yeah, I'm an Indians fan and love to watch those, but you'll never really see me catching a Browns game, or a Cavaliers one either.  Not in regularity.

I can count on one finger - finger! - how many Browns games I've been to.  I can count on two hands how many Cavs games at which I've sat.   ....and we're talking over a 40+ year span.

That all said, I will be the first to admit that while the NBA championship was going on, I'd tune in the last quarter to watch the action.   I know, I know.........I'm so butch.

And while I am,  like so many others, I was there to watch LeBron & Co. lose.  Or hoped for them to lose.

While in Denver, many of us hit a bar to watch the last 7 minutes of Game 5.   It was a beautiful thing.  I loved watching Dallas beat Miami.  It should be noted, I don't give a damn about either team.  I just wanted LeBron and his minions bite the big one.

It turns out, everyone in the bar did too - and they were clearly not Cleveland fans.  It's just that seemingly most everyone hates LeBron.   How sucky must it be to be that hated?

I don't care that he left Cleveland.  I don't.  It's the way he did it.   ...and it's not even that hour spectacle on ESPN, that was beyond bad.  It was that he knew he was leaving and didn't say anything until no other trades could be made.

He didn't try during the 2010 play-offs and then fucked the team over again.    So yeah, I was glad they lost on Sunday.   Seeing those fucking grown men cry after their loss was hilarious.

I know I'll take flack for this, but I didn't care all that much when Kobe called the ref a 'faggot'.  Unseemly and uncalled for, sure, and if he called him a 'fucking asshole' no fine would have been levied against him.  Or certainly not a $100,000 one.

It's the actual fine I have trouble with more.  David Stern, NBA commissioner, set that amount out for one word.  I get that.  Yet he turned his back on how LeBron, Wade and Bosh colluded to join the same team at the same time - violating any number of NBA rules - and not only were there no fines or suspensions, the matter was not even looked into.

For the NBA, it's all about perception and $$$$.  If it hurts the game, and the revenue, yeah, they'll fine.  If it gets more people watching and buying tickets - well........................


But for the moment, I'll be happy that James was denied his ring.   Just like the one he didn't get when not winning when he was a Cav.

Song by:  Rachel Sweet


Ray's Cowboy said...

The only reason why I watch it, I live in Dallas, Now the real reason. I love Dirkie Baby. I love the way he talks, looks and everything about him.


rebecca said...

You said "finger"