Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't Stop Now

I don't really have a thing to discuss or blog about today.

What I have is a work laptop issue.  One that won't let me past safe-boot.  One that won't let me sign-on to get any of my documents.

Sure I can get email from a web-based application, but that's only a little part of what is going to make me tick today.

Help Desk has been not helpful.  They put in a 'ticket' for me and marked it CRITICAL.   That was yesterday.  I'm still waiting.  I suppose it is a good thing they aren't EMS or a cardio-thoracic surgeon.

So, it seems I'll spend part of the day trying to re-get through to the Help Desk to see what is what.

g-d, remember the day(s) we did our work without computers and they helped us now and again through the day?  Now there is no back-up plan.  We are so dependent on them that when this happens we are screwed.

So for today, and hopefully only today, I'm screwed. 

Song by:  Crowded House

1 comment:

AJohnP said...

You are so's crazy how screwed we are when our computers (systems, servers, etc.) are down. Hopefully they'll fix your problem some time before the end of the week. ;-)