Thursday, June 09, 2011

We Can Work it Out

Let me just start out by saying, I totally see where Karen Carpenter was coming from.

First work dinner of this trip and I wanted to purge so badly.  Bulimia rules!!!!

Of course, I didn't. Or haven't.  But I feel so full and bloated it is quite disgusting.  I'd feel "better" about it if I had actually eaten a lot.  I stopped my dinner maybe a quarter of the way through it due to this feeling. 

I know, I're just really wanting to hear all this, right? 

Denver is pretty though - what little I've seen of it.  The drive from the airport to downtown isn't much, but from the approach it looked cool.  It has been mostly hotels.  And then a walk to dinner down some district where there is only public transport or walking.  No cars.  See?

The weather is nice too.  Mid 70s.  Not like that pesky mid 90s in Ohio.

The walk back from the Chophouse (g-d, a chain.  Why not an independent?) was nice and necessary.  What little I walked did little to help me digest, but it was better than nothing.

...and if nothing else, I came upon a group exercise thingy all performed outdoors.  See?

While I've always wanted to do yoga outdoors, I don't know I could participate in this.  First, it's all core, as far as I can tell - but the bigger deterrent is/was, each guy is in better shape and more attractive than the last.  I had to keep moving so none of my new co-workers pegged me for being that kind of homo.  I'm not sure what 'that kind' really means, but why get them asking questions when this was the first day I have met some of them?

Today is a full day of meetings.  Let's hope I'm feeling better as the day goes on.

Song by:  the Beatles

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Nice to see StevieB said...

Denver is all about public displays of physical activity.