Friday, April 15, 2011

A Friend to Me

This post goes to my one earlier in the week where I said I might have a slight surprise.  I'm traveling for business, so that's nothing new.

I'm traveling to Phoenix, so that is new.  I've only been out here once before for work and while I was writing my blog back then, it was nothing to what it is now.  And I didn't have much on my blogroll other than new and entertainment sites.  I certainly didn't link to other bloggers way back then.

Now I do.  And now I have blogger buddies across the nation - and in Canada.

I'm assuming by now you've figured I've met another blogger friend, Dr. Spo.  Of course, many might recognize him from the picture I posted in the title image.

I also got to meet Someone.   Smell me.

Spo makes it three bloggers now that I have met.  Four if you count my brief introduction to Joe.My.G-d. back in 2004 (?) while having a drink at the Dugout with David G.  It's six if you include Becca and Kris (who I think has given up on her blog) - but technically I knew them before blogs existed., so they might not count - in that way.

I'd like to think we had a nice time over dinner. Conversation was easy and not forced or anything - at least I didn't think so.  I felt the same way with Tornwordo and Birdie.  I suppose it helps that we all read each other's blogs and right or wrong, think we know more about each other than we actuallyy do.   Eh - so what?

It was a very nice time for me. Jolly good fun, as Spo might say.  I can't and won't answer for them, but I enjoyed it.

I would say dinner went late, but it was 7:30.  But Pacific time. 10:30 my time.  I'm trying to stay on EDT, so it's not 20:09 and I'm headed to bed.  I have a conference call that starts at 05:00.  Ok, it's really 08:00, but I my clock will still say 05:00.

Night all.  Or morning.  Whichever side of this you're on.

Song by:  Garth Brooks


Breenlantern said...

I said it there, I'll say it here: jealous with a capital J.

Cubby said...

Very good. When I saw you were going to Phoenix this week I hoped you and Spo would take a moment to meet. I'm glad you did. And you both look great.

Buddy Bear said...

Very exciting! and a great picture as well ... you two look great!

anne marie in philly said...

I second the breen lantern! damn, you are one lucky dude; I hope to meet the good doctor someday. nice pix!

Curtis said...

What a great picture! I really like that guy.

Birdie said...

Oh, you lucky dog. One of these days...

Ur-spo said...

I so enjoyed our dinner; I was honored to finally meet you!
I hope this develops into a deeper friendship.

tornwordo said...

you look quite at ease in the picture. I haven't met many, but it's always been easy meeting other bloggers. As you said, there'e a kind of familiarity we have even before we've formally met.

Shawn said...

I said it over there and will say it over here,
Woof & Woof!