Friday, April 08, 2011

Blue Hotel

Oh, the life of a traveling shlub.  It's not all three martinis or unrestricted expense accounts.  Not at all.

While overall, I don't mind work travel, it is fairly unglamorous. But it's all about setting expectations. If you don't want for too much, you're a happier camper.  Set those sights too high, and're screwed.

See the above image?  Not bad.  I quite like staying at the Hyatt Place.  It's a lower version of the Hyatt, which is overrated anyway.  But it clearly has a nice sitting area, for when you're entertaining.  Oh wait, it's just me.  So, it is a good place to sit and eat if you bring food back to your room - or to lounge and watch TV.

Normally I do not watch TV while traveling.  It's odd, I find, but I don't.  Last night I did.  It sure beats the norm of lying on the bed to watch the boob tube.

But then you also have this -

I'm still a-scared on the bedbug situation. So all my luggage and clothes goes on hard surfaced areas and stays there for my stay.  Bedbug bites are harmless, but if the critters get in your luggage and clothes, you're kind of screwed.  So that is my precaution.

And some hotels have become cheap. No more "stealing" the lotion or shampoo bottles.  There are none.  Dispensers in the shower.  What is this world coming to?  How will I ever continue to build up my mini-sundry store this way???
And yes, dinner alone, in my hotel room.  Right on that sofa/pit-group you saw earlier.  I was not in the mood to sit in a resturaunt alone.  Normally I don't care much, but last night I just wanted down time.  Noodles & Co.  And while the rating gave my dish 2 peppers, it felt more like 4. It was scorching hot.
Work travel is heavy for the next few weeks.  I'm up for the challenge, of course.

Song by:  Chris Isaak


Ray's Cowboy said...

Well I hope you safe travels. I fully understand about th ebug thing. I would not be taking anything out of my bags.

Hope you have a safe and happy journey.


Cubby said...

Twenty years ago I used to envy guys like you, seeing the country on the company's dime. Then I had to do it and my view of it changed real fast. After a 2-day visit to Lincoln, NE turned into a three week ordeal, I prayed I would never have to leave home again.

Birdie said...

Is there really any way to deal with bedbugs? They can get into seams and live for 18 months without food. *shudder* If ever there was a reason to stay home, that is it.

david said...

The bedbug thing freaks me out and I think smoking or nonsmoking rooms they are going to have DDT or no DDT rooms so that those who are not having kids or worried about cancer can sleep in peace. Perhaps the Hyatt knows that you use extra conditioner in the shower and is accommodating you.

Erik Rubright said...

Those dispensers in the shower freak me out. How do you know that someone hasn't put something "sinister" in them? I mean, I'd never do something like that....

tornwordo said...

Just bring a couple empty plastic bottles and you'll have months of free soap/shampoo : ) Not that I would ever do such a thing.