Monday, April 11, 2011

My Music Monday

Ok, I'm back to the '80s. It's my go-to safe zone.

A song from one of the first two CDs I bought when I got my first player.

Kate Bush's Hounds of Love is a great album. And for U. S. audiences it yielded what was probably her only true "hit": "Running Up That Hill".

It is a great song. It's an ok video. The male dancer kind of creeps me out.

But at least, for 1985 it wasn't a big-haired, concert-type, or horribly contrived story-line video. It's Kate dancing the dance - and it's her, not the Pat Benatar-like video of standing shaking her pine cones while others dance around her.

Still.....the male dancer kind of creeps me out. But you know, I really post it for the music, but you have to listen to it in form of video.

Normal disclaimer anymore: Sorry if you have to sit through a small advertisement before the video starts.


tornwordo said...

I listened to that album yesterday. It has aged well. I can't believe it was 85!

D said...

Reminds me of a creepy Patrick Swayze

Erik Rubright said...

This is about the only Kate Bush song I ever hear on XM Radio's "First Wave". And it's always early in my day. When I'm not quite ready for the "meatiness" of her voice.

Jonny said...

It's his 80's "dancer/porn" mullet.
But man, what a great song and album. Her peak.

Greg said...

Hounds of Love is my favorite of her albums. It always confounds me that she's never been popular here in the States; she writes incredible music.

Ur-spo said...

One of the reasons I enjoy you so is our agreement on Kate Bush !