Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Am I Different?

A number of bloggers is taking Jim up on his question:  "How are you different in person from your blog persona"? 

Am I different?

 My first thought was - my real self farts.  My blog persona is flatulent free.  ....but that's probably not true.  I can totally see my blog self tooting while I write.  But you'll never hear it - or worse.

My blog self is a part of me, for sure, but is it the real me?  Yes.  It's the total real me?  No.

There are clearly a lot of aspects I put forth here that are the real real me, but I temper these things for the sake of some privacy.  It ain't about mystery - I'm not that interesting.

I don't put a lot about work here. I keep that for my own angst. And for the most part I don't really care to relive my daily work routine, dissect it and regurgitate it back for you.  No offense.  But I have enough trouble sleeping.

I put stuff here about Denton, but you don't get a lot about him; about us.   Just glimpses.  I do have family, as you somewhat read that now and again I mention a sister (or some of them), a brother-in-law or their kids. I do not go into detail about what kind of relationships I have with them.

I have strayed off the Stuff &Nonsense part of what the blog is/was subtitled.  I do still try to keep it light-hearted but now and again dive into some situation, be it political or media driven.   And those who know me, know I'm normally light-hearted and that most anything can be laughed at.  This is the beauty of my friends - as different as we are, there is a blue streak of recognition that runs through all of us, which is why we have been so close for a quarter of a century.

Overall, I think you get a good look at who I am, but you don't get it all.  How can you?  I don't believe you get all of anyone - from a blog, from a friendship, from a relationship or from work.  You see snippets.

Oddly enough, you get more than most here.  You see all those little facets of my life, even if not in the greatest of detail.  I can tell you, that most people at work don't know I'm a cancer survivor.  Some know I ride bikes, but not all.  None of them know my love of music, which I inflict upon you weekly.  None have seen me without my shirt on.

I don't think any blogger is the same in 'print' as in real-life.  It think it is almost downright impossible. 

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Bo said...

I have to agree with you none of us are exactly the same in real life...but as long as someone is not trying to be someone completely different...I think it's ok.

A Lewis said...

Isn't it wild how our written, spoken, visual, telephone, blogging, work, play, home, vacation personnas are all different.

anne marie in philly said...

we are all a work in progress; we change constantly...or at least I do. I am not the same person I was 5/10/20/30 years ago (thank dog!).

I like your intro picture!

Stephen said...

I am here via Joe.My.God...
I am glad I stopped by & got to know you a little bit.

You have a swell blog with great photos & interesting opinions.

I will be back!

Best wishes from Portland!

Ur-spo said...

My blog self is my personae, but a personae is real, not a 'false front'. I hope my blog is a large part of me, but not all of me.