Monday, April 04, 2011

My Music Monday

Not only am I deviating from the older music I have seemingly been featuring here, I'm doing a brand-frickin'-new release.

I can't say I'm a fan of Peter Bjorn & John (are they like the 21st century version of Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds?), but there are some of their stuff that catches my ear.

Their new song from their just released disk, Gimme Some, is poppy, yet different.

Denton will say that so much music that is out there has been done before since there are only so many notes in the scale and only so many ways to rearrange them. Granted, it is finite, but I always like hearing when someone can mix it up a bit.

PB&J's song "Second Chance" does just that.

It's early in the year, but so far this is in the running for my favourite song released this year. 

I think it's more about the vocal arrangements than it is about the instrumentation (what? I like it when he sings "I.....I..."). But it works. It caught my ear while driving the other day - so I guess it is one good thing about satellite radio. This song reminds me of something Guster would do. That's not a bad thing.

It should be noted that the SNL skit on Blue Oyster Cult and the 'more cowbell' scene comes to mind. Only the Columbus Clippers use more than "Second Chance".

The video? Eh. I'm just using it as a way to let you hear the song. That has all been done before. ooooh video in

Somehow I kept thinking, "if OK Go had made a video with this song, it'd be huge!"

(sorry that you might have to sit through a brief commercial before the song. Welcome to on-line commerce.)


Don said...

I must admit I watched the entire video because…well I don’t know. The dancing was kind of mesmerizing…and disturbing. Not psycho disturbing – just kinda “New Zoo Review” disturbing.

Jonny said...

I like the effect. straight guy dancing is the best way to put it.
I've always kind of liked PB&J, but never bought. I just might this time....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for wasting another 4:20 of my life. This is what happens when there are no more record labels to finance and produce things. It reminds me of a chef boyardee commercial from the 80's. Your love of music, or whatever you call it, yes, thanks to Denton, is inspirational. What are those guys covered in?