Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I guess you take the good with the bad, when it comes to weather.  Not that you have a choice.

We woke up to a 64 degree day!!!  On Sunday, I was freezing - slippers, sweatshirts, the entire shebang - and this was inside.

But with 64 degree days came rain.  They said there'd be rain.  They said there'd be lightening and thunder.  They said there'd be high winds.

They did not say there'd be a deluge.

My lord.  15 hours later and it is still coming down.  Yes, I'm writing this the night before. From the image you can see the walkway to the house.  Flooded.  Way flooded.  ...and this was at hour 10.

At this point, there is no water in the basement.  At least seemingly.  But with the last big rain a few weeks ago we did, and this seems like so much more. I'm just waiting for the inevitable flooding inside the house.

I do like thunderstorms though - even in the daytime.  Bolts of lightening so close, so strong, it shook everything in the house.  At least Sophie wasn't as freaked out about it as some of the other cats used to be.

Naturally, the rain stops today (and hopefully before I leave for the gym), but then of course, the temps drop 20+ degrees. 

Song by: Roseanne Cash


Birdie said...

I grew up in Florida, where there are two seasons: warm and hot. So when I came to the Midwest, I thought I would get to experience the joy of spring I'd always heard about. Turns out spring is my least favorite season. What's to like about cold, wet and stormy? Even winter is better than that. Holding out for warm and sunny!

Cubby said...

Why does mother nature hate you so much?