Friday, April 01, 2011

Find Another Fool

Oooooh. April Fool's Day.

According to Wikipedia, it is not a legal holiday. ummm...gee, thanks for that 4-1-1. However, through some look-ups, a number if sites have traced it back to Chaucer and his Canterbury Tales in the late 14th century.

I've never been one to play an April Fool's prank and/or joke. I don't think I can get away with them, so why bother trying. I don't have a great poker face. I attempt to play tricks on my current co-worker and former boss, Marty, but I never get far. He, on the other hand, I would never play poker with. He can make the most unreasonable sounding thing sound legit.

And I think on April 1, some people expect them and are on high-alert, so it just compounds my inability. I'm out.

But yesterday, I got what I assume(d) was an early April Fool's joke. And email.

Let's start with the subject: We Love!

Ok, right off you know it's a prank. ....but it goes on.

Dear Blobby,

My name is Sarah from (I deleted actual company name) ACME Services. We have a client who would like to pay you for the opportunity to sponsor a blog post that you have recently written. We know that blogs can be expensive to run and our client would like to opportunity to support you in that endeavor.
In return our client is asking for one link that they specify placed into the body of the blog post (no porn or gambling). Feel free to contact me with any concerns or clarifications you may have.
If you would have any questions or would like to start the process, please email me at so we can begin.

Oddly, I haven't deleted the email. I haven't responded to it either. I don't know what to do with it. I'm half tempted just to reply to see what is what. I don't think I'll sell space on my blog for whatever they are pushing. But I am curious as to what it is they are pushing.

I find it like the career of sales. I didn't think I could sell anything I didn't believe in. Yet, as Sassy Gay Friend would tell me now: "look at your choices. look at your life." He's right, I am a stupid bitch.

Anyway, I don't think I could sell space on my blog to just anything. I've resisted putting any ads on it. I'd say it was because it is too hard to get paid. Normally do people not only have to click on the ad, but have to buy something for the host to get paid. Pfffffft. Too random for me. Well....too much work for too little reward.

The real reason I won't? It would clutter the look of blog. I like the sleeker design. But hey, that's just me.

So I don't know if Sarah from "Acme Services" is yanking my chain or not.

Song by: Quarterflash (yes.......Quarterflash!)


Birdie said...

I got one of these and did the same thing you're doing: I sat on it because it wasn't clear if it was legit.

My conclusion: anything that makes me look at it squinty-eyed is something to be avoided. Something's not right here. Listen to your spidey-sense.

Cubby said...

All I can say is, this is a brilliant idea for a blog prank. I'm putting this on my electronic calendar for next March 30 so I can send out a few of these invitations myself.

brian said...

Color me curious as well.

Nice to see StevieB said...

I get "after reading your blog I can tell you love your wife..." Or "I can tell your a devout Christian..." Then they go on to talk about links and ads. Uh.... what? This however sounds a tiny bit legit.

Anon BIG said...

If it is legit - it sounds like they are offering to pay a flat upfront fee for the space. Not a percentage of the hits/sales from the ad. So it might be easier than you think. I doubt they would be offering much money though. A few hundred dollars tops.

Ur-spo said...

No blog ads please; I think blogging is a place for artistic expression and creativity; hobbies should be 'paid for" !