Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Toss Us Away

No, I'm not being evicted or foreclosed against. g-d, that would be horrible, no?

Well it is going to be horrible for someone in Texas.

Remember a while back when I told you all about the emails I've been getting by all these folks who think I'm someone of a similar name, who resides in TX? Apparently my cruel note - to um....whatever her name was - didn't make it over to Charlie Someone who clearly manages properties for "me". ....at least that's my take away.

If you do remember from a my previous tale, I would get notes about water leaks and such, so I think "I'm" a landlord of some kind. ....and apparently Kevin W on Pearl Street has not kept up to date on his rent or utilities. Tsk tsk, Kev.

These transgressions are going to find you out on the streets if you don't pony up the $756.71 you owe "me" by COB on the 12th of May. You've been an iffy tenant since last August and it looks like you're gonna lose both your apartment and $1000 security deposit.

I suppose "I" could notify Charlie, the property manager, or "me" and let them know that "I" don't know this is going on. But again, my take on it is this: if you had half a brain in your head(s), you'd know this wasn't getting to "me" time and time again.

Since this is the way "I" run my business and relationships, "I" kind of have what's coming to "me".

Song by: Lone Justice

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