Monday, May 31, 2010

King Without a Castle

I got nothing for Memorial Day, per se. Nothing.

Is there anything sadder than a collapsed bouncy castle? Probably.

Back at Edgewater park (ok, it was still the same day as the truck fire), there weren't one, but two Bouncy Castles that deflated and collapsed upon themselves and their occupants like a result of the deformation of timepace caused by a very compact mass.

We were kind of amazed that people rented these things, along with gasoline generator and electric air blower to keep the things up and running. I guess you need to do that to keep your spawn busy for a few hours while you try to eat and eat and eat in the showiness of nature.

That's it. That's all I got.

Hope you enjoy your long holiday and this unofficial kick off to summer.

Song by: Chris Isaak


Birdie said...

Did your presence make the bouncy castles deflate?

David said...

You are allowed to have nothing, even a limp castle, as long as you are the master of your own domain.