Monday, May 10, 2010

Pet Sounds

When Dith and C0 came to visit the other day, she brought her FURminator. I had seen one in action from my sister and her two dogs. The thing is amazing. You can brush and brush and brush your pet to no end and never have any lack of undercoat still coming off them. Denton liked the idea of it.

So the other day while at Petco, Denton told me to go grab one. I about choked at the price: $36! I brought it to the register and asked Denton if he still wanted it - and he just said 'what the hell?'

Like I said, I had seen it working on dogs and they seemed to like it and really cleaned them off good. But cats?

Well long-story short (too late!), the cats love it. When it appears they not only start purring, but flip on their side waiting to be brushed. And it is quite disgusting.

This here is one brushing from one cat. Not a particularly large cat either. And we stopped brushing when clearly she would let it go on for hours. You'd think the cat would be bald as I am by now. I should also mention, she got similar brushings three times earlier in the week with as much, if not more, hair removed. How does she have a stitch of hair on her body still?

The other odd thing is, Tovah is all tan, white and black. All the fur? Grey! Weird. You think you know a 16 year old girl and then her undercoat tells a complete other story.

If the they like the grooming (and they seem to) and it helps them shed their coat easier that is great. If it cuts down on hair balls and shedding on couches and such - the high price of the device is totally worth it - and more.

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Birdie said...

This is excellent. Sophie, our fur factory, absolutely hates being brushed. This would cut the time in half. I'm going to find one.

Cubby said...

Ewwww, looks like a science experiment. I'd like to look at one of those brushes to see what's so special about it.