Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Race is On

Yes, the race is on - to see which one of us can publish the photo event of 2010. Hyperbole? Perhaps. But as we all know, NOTHING is better than hyperbole.

I had drinks with my, what I deem, my second fellow blogger: Tornwordo. Birdie was the first official one. I had nano-second encounters with JMG and Paul, but they were so informal. With Paul, he didn't even know I had a blog at the time and vice versa. I don't count these last two as true meetings.

Torn is a world-famous.....or at least Canadian famous.......or perhaps just a Montreal famous blogger...but it's more than I got. He's also taller than I am - so there's that.

And to all you naysayers, look: I'm smiling. So yourself. You can fill in the 'something' with another verb - as long as it starts with 'f' and ends in 'k'. (btw....our server totally took a better picture with Torn's camera.)

Torn was high on my list of bloggers to meet, but for the most part my blogroll is pretty limited compared with others. I'm a discriminating man - everyone does not get a pass. Sorry. Actually, I never expected to meet anyone on my blogroll. I don't really think in those terms. I'm just lowly old me. Who'd wanna meet me? (ain't nothin' special about me muthafucka!)

We found each other's writings through RJ March, and have kept up with each other for years. I let him know I was headed his way and hoped our timelines would converge....and they did.

It was only for two drinks, but some fun and nice conversation. And he is a great ambassador for Quebec and Montreal. At the last minute, Denton did not join us, which naturally began speculation on his existence. But Torn got something most folks have not seen: a picture of Denton. I "happened" to have my digital camera with me, in which I had take pictures of Monsieur Denton earlier in the day. Even Biride didn't get that. Sorry.

I think we had a nice time - I know I did. Like with Birdie, conversation wasn't really difficult, as it can sometimes be with people you just meet. It's not like we just met. It's years of information gathering. By the way, he might not know it, but he totally has (or is getting) a Canadian accent. It's there and seeping into his everyday language. For the record, this is a good thing.

Hopefully we can meet again before we leave for the U.S. This time with Serg and Denton....and most importantly, Georgie. No offense to Torn, Denton or Serg.

So, yes, the race is on. I'm gonna post this at 02:00 in hopes of winning this unspoken blog war. Or skirmish. Or love-fest. Whatever.

Song by: Dave Edmunds


tornwordo said...

It's true there really is a Denton. Or at least a photograph of a male on Blobby's camera.

I don't believe it about the accent.

Breenlantern said...

How cool! I had the pleasure of meeting Torn last year. Now he's met you! I'll have to meet you now the univrse is balanced.

Was that door lock and a gun cock I just heard?

Rick Bettencourt said...

And you won!

don said...

That Torn is a great guy. He came down to greet me when I rode into town with the Friends For Life Bike Rally. I was so impressed. Even more impressed that he did not complain that I smelled like cycled from Toronto to Montreal.

Birdie said...

You guys look just great together. And I will not apologize for demanding your terrific smile. So cool that you could meet!

Jonny said...

Il est mignon! Ok..ok, tu es mignon, aussi, Robert. (Dis donc ..)

Blobby said...

je ne (non?) suis pas mignon.

Cubby said...

I'm glad you got to meet Torn, but I have to tell you I'm a little disappointed. I wanted to be the first to meet you, but Birdie beat me to it a few months ago. Now Torn is #2 and now Sean is squawking about meeting you. Ugh, I better get my ass in gear.

You know that Greg and I spend one weekend a month in Cleveland visiting his parents, but man, getting out of that house is about impossible. Greg's mom lays on the guilt about us doing anything in Cleveland beside visiting her, and then exclaims, "This isn't the Ramada!!"

Clearly she has exquisite taste in lodging, but beyond that what are Greg and I to do?

And the pic? N-I-C-E S-M-I-L-E

rebecca said...

Torn is so darn cute!!!