Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drinkin' in My Sunday Dress

Drinking? Absolutely. I mean, you have met me (or at least read me, right??)

Sunday? Well one of many days I might drink, but in truth it was only Friday.

Sunday Dress? Never. I might spill something on the taffeta.

But last night we kicked off the long weekend by going out to the Grotto, which is kind of our neighborhood hang-out. I got there a lot with my man-date, Scott. However, Denton and I like to go there, especially in the warmer months. We sit outside, order a bottle or two of wine and of course, food. I mean, I'm not only an alcoholic. I do need food.

Last night it was some white Argentinian wine and lobster gnocchi with truffle oil. Though just the two of us, it was nice conversation and we didn't even have our favourite server, but still had a nice guy who took good care of us.

Technically summer does not begin for almost a month and the unofficial kick-off is this Memorial Day weekend, but to me, summer begins with the patio at the Grotto being open. It's good to have a special place where folks know you and where you can kick back and relax.

Welcome to unofficial summer!

Song by: Maria McKee


Anonymous said...

Nothing like good friends, good wine, and good food... good weather of late spring/early summer is an added bonus!

tornwordo said...

Are you sure Denton is nothing more than silicone? That would make for a cheap date, lol.