Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everyday Normal Guy

I am totally stealing this from Birdie's blog. Since seeing it over last weekend, I've played it numerous times and have enjoyed it each and every time.

I'm sure I'm not stealing it from just her, since the video has almost 16 million hits, so it's gotten around. How I missed it until last weekend is beyond me. I live a sheltered life, I guess.

What I find truly amazing about this video, and I hope/think it is done tongue-in-cheek, is that it is exactly what I think should epitomize most white rap....speaking of sheltered lives.

I have never understood the teens from the upper middle class, to downright rich class, who blast rap from their pimped out Audi A4 that mom & dad provide them when they turn 16. Yes, these kids know from hardship and life on the street. I suppose the hardship is not getting the Mercedes. They can so relate!

But Jon LaJoie hits the nail on the head, puts it in perspective and them in their place.....just a bit. It works on almost every aspect, except when they do one break away for his friend. Other than that, it's golden.



Breenlantern said...

This is fantastic. I had to share it on FB with my peeps. I agree that the cut away to the friend is disrupting...perhaps a simple still shot or shorter clip with him saying nothing would have been better.

Thanks for sharing this. Sadly, I think he still sounds more fabulous than I do....sigh.

Birdie said...

I get ten percent.

Blobby said...

LOL. 10% of what - all my ad revenue?

david Joseph said...

Maybe you should cover the Alex Bevan local classic.
To most, Alex Bevan is known as the "skinny little boy from Cleveland, Ohio who's gonna chase your women and drink your beer."