Friday, May 07, 2010

Pop Musik

"New York, London, Paris, Munich.......everybody talk about...mmm...pop musik..."

Or maybe Cleveland. And the pop music would be the Cleveland Pops Orchestra. And really, it was a benefit for them.

Really, it was a cousins outing for food and fun - I think that's how we took it. That's how I took it. David, Betsy and Bill always make me laugh, so it's fun - right?

What it really was, was a fundraiser for the Pops at the Viking cooking school. There, they have two kind of events: one where you watch cooking being done and the other where you actually cook. Ours was the former.

Betsy, David and myself placed ourselves in the back of the room, where we kind of watched, kind of ate and kind of just made fun here and there. The making fun, to be honest, was mostly David and myself. It was partially due to a participant who was supposed to use the remote so we could see how the chef was preparing food. Much of it was focused on a woman in bright yellow who was somewhat between a scary Liz Taylor and a scarier Suzanne Pleshette.

The meal of salmon cheesecake, pork tenderloin with a poached egg Florentine and a lemon curd tart with fresh fruit. It was nice, but as usual, the company was nicer.

Oh - and we put in for a raffle with hopes of winning a trip to New York, Miami or San Francisco. Not London, Paris or Munich.

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