Monday, May 24, 2010

Site of the Month

Ok, this isn't the bestest site, but when have I ever had the bestest SotM? Well once I did, back in '04 when I was still attempting Site of the Week. The others have been kind of hit or miss. Like this one:

Dudes with Beards Eating Cupcakes.

I'm a dude. I LOVE cupcakes. So, I kind of had to grow the beard to participate. And I did opt to participate. I mean, it isn't called Dudes with Goatees Eating Cupcakes, is it?

Oh, I didn't say it would be pretty. No. No. No. (I guess you could say that last part like Amy Winehouse.). To be fair, even with this ugly pic (and can I tell you how hard it is to eat a cupcake and take a self-portrait?), I think I'm pretty-ing up their site quite a bit - and that's saying something! It's pretty tough to be the best looking one on their URL, but if you look through, even I think I'm in the upper percentile.

My friend Sal directed me towards this site on Facebook when he submitted a pic of himself eating a cupcake (duh) with sprinkles. I left a comment dubbing him Sprinkles - and much to his dismay, it has kind of stuck with a number of this FB friends. He claims not to be happy about it, but deep down I think it makes him smile.

And there are pictures on the FB group that are not on the website.....if you care that much....or at all.

I will say this of the cupcake I'm eating - it was pretty frickin' good. Someone brought in to work when I was in Philly. I've tried a number of cupcakes at these specialty stores and most all of them are fair at best. It's a great business model even for bad cupcakes: instant gratification for $3 a pop.

...of course, gratification is relative, but you don't know that until you take the first bite and find out. You can extend that sentence to a metaphor for any sort of life experiences. They just don't all have sprinkles.


Breenlantern said...

I don't know what turns me on more...the men or the cupcakes. LOL!

tornwordo said...

Well it's a great business model until everyone's over it. Ice cream, now there's something that will never go out of style.

I've never tried one of the new cupcake fashion rage things. True story.

Cubby said...

Greg's birthday is next week. I think maybe I'll bake him cupcakes.

Birdie said...

The proper venue for this picture would be Butch Bakery, where they make manly cupcakes for manly men. But you'll have to go to New York City to do it. Small price to pay, I'd say.

david Joseph said...

FIrst of all I think you should call the sprinkles, Jimmies. "While both are the little bits of candy-coated chocolate that liven up your ice cream. The real distinction seems to be one of place. As a New Yorker I call them sprinkles. Folks in Philadelphia, Boston, Michigan and Wisconsin call them jimmies."

@Birdie, have you ever been to the big booty bakery on 23r street. They have one manly Meringue.

Blobby said...

"Jimmies" might be for Birdie's Butch Bakery. The rest of us have to live w/"Sprinkles".

david Joseph said...

Check out this link to cupcake tatoos. I guess if you are a real man you wear your cupcake with it's Jimmies on your sleeve.