Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fire Walk with Me

Yesterday was a bee-you-tiful day. The car thermometer said 77, but it felt a good 10 degrees warmer than that.

It was workout, as usual and then we ran around for a bit. Some errands, lunch - because I need to eat......constantly, if the scale I stepped on is any indicator. I don't get it, I eat an inordinate amount of salads, greens and fruits - and drink very little that isn't water. I mean, beer and wine are mostly water - right????

Seriously though, I do drink about 100-120 oz of water a day. I'm not gaining gaining, but I sure ain't losing either. And we know it ain't all muscle.

Then we went up to Edgewater Park (shit, is this a crappy website, or what?). We just walked around to get our vitamin D and took in the sights of too many people with no shirts on, who had no right taking them off in the first place. Too many people with too many homemade tattoos. Too much blaring music - and none of it good. Some kite flying. And too much lighter fluid for their Weber imitations.

If you look at the above image, we had just walked past where the smoke monster plume of smoke is, but it Smokey wasn't there when we were. At first I thought it was, well too much lighter fluid on someone's imitation Weber, but it clearly was not.

Nope, it was a truck that had pulled off the highway and was massively on fire.

Years ago Morty told me that in his smaller town, whenever a fire engine was heard, folks got in their cars and followed it. I found that amusing. I'm not sure he was amused that I was amused, but it was what it was.

So it wasn't lost on me entirely that as this truck fire grew out of control that people ran toward it. ....with their toddlers and babies in tow.

We also loved the amount of car traffic that continued to pour past it as it looked ready to explode the more it seemed to rage out control. Alas it never did, and maybe that only happens in the movies, but why you'd risk it and take your kids to see it is a little beyond me.

I guess everyone likes to view destruction and other people's loss. Maybe it makes us feel better about ourselves.

It should be noted it took a cop at least 10 minutes to get on the scene - another five for a fire engine and then another five for the frickin' park police (who pretty much live there) to show up. The firemen doused the car with their hose and the black smoke turned to white. I said, "well, they've elected a new pope".....and we walked on. The show was over.

Song by: Angelo Badalamenti


Cubby said...

You see the good stuff all the time! I must be blind or oblivious. Or maybe bad/weird stuff doesn't happen around me like it does you. Maybe it only happens around you. Do you ever feel like you belong on an episode of that TV show "Fringe"?

Blobby said...

Weird stuff DOES happen around me. Often. Ride or walk with me sometime and watch my mere presence deactivate sodium street lights.

Never seen "Fringe" though.

Birdie said...

You turn off lights? I start up sleeping computers by standing nearby.