Monday, May 17, 2010

Ontario, Quebec and Me

I've been to Niagara, Toronto and now, Montreal. Yes, there is a lot of Canada I have not yet seen, but so far, there isn't anything bad I have encountered. It's all been pretty cool.

We're staying in Old Montreal. It's quaint. It's somewhat quiet (when there's not a hockey playoff going on). We've encountered some really good food and charming places to eat and see.

But we've ventured out of the old and into the modern Montreal as well. Mostly thanks to Bixi.

Yesterday was another Bixi day...and my taint hurts!

I did not come to Montreal with plans of biking. Had I, I surely would have brought more appropriate attire. Even if not biking shorts, I wouldn't have packed more than jeans for two days while biking innumerable miles. That rough seam in the crotch that chafes against your taint? OUCH. Sure there was sweet relief getting out of the saddle now and again, but you knew damn well you had to sit back down at some point.

And let's face it, Bixi is great, but it's not made for the long haul rides. It is for commutes. Three gears does not cover it for my biking needs. Especially when biking over here:

the Jacques Cartier Bridge. You'll know him as the deep sea diver who searched for high-end jewelry. I kid, I kid. But it's a decent climb up the bridge, but clearly not undoable, as I am writing this after the fact. It is not one I could have necessarily done that easily without my gym routine of the last year or so.

But the ride took us over the St. Lawrence River and to the Parc Jean-Drapeau (seen barely on your left).

Yes, we stopped at the top of the bridge so I could take some pictures. Denton accused me of taking artsy pictures to rival my cousin, David. As if. I'm nowhere near his league. He is an artist. I am a hack.

The plan was just to ride around the parc/island, but we stumbled upon a little outing of dogs and then outdoor sports and vendors gathering. It was fun, but I felt a little out of place. Bixi and jeans ain't MEC (must get one!) and bike pants scenario. We looked like interlopers. Well, we kind of were anyways. The dogs were fun and way cute.

But Montreal is a biking town. LOVE IT. Lots and lots of people out and about, on the great bike paths and even straying off of them. Tons of rollerbladers too, which surprised me for about 25 seconds and then I realized this is a skating country. Mostly ice, but when there is none...well...they gotta do something.

We've done musees aussi, but other than that, it's been low low key. And we're loving it.

More pictures and tales to be posted over the next few days I'm sure. Until then - bonjour.

Song by: Billy Bragg


tornwordo said...

Hehe that bridge is pretty steep. There's also the Concord bridge which is flat and much easier to cross. Don't forget to have a poutine before you go! Even if it's the McDonalds version. You can't really get it anywhere but here!

Birdie said...

McDonald's makes poutine? With their fries, that might be amazing.

I love getting the benefits of other people's exercise. Very nice pics of the bridge.

Blobby said...

I cannot get my head around the word 'curd', let alone eating it.

We'll see. We'll see.