Saturday, May 08, 2010


Just like last year, I missed Star Wars Day ("May 4th be with you"). It's that damned Kent State and living near there all my life - it always takes precedence on this date!

So imagine my glee (no, not like the singing high-schoolers) when I found that I could star in Star Wars! Thanks to Jib-Jab, that is.

As Jon pointed out a few days ago, it is the 30th (ugh) anniversary of the bestest of the two Star Wars trilogies - Episode V: the Empire Strikes Back.

It has everything: love, betrayal, war, bounty hunting, family reunions, Miss Piggy as a green Jedi master and at some point Cloud City got integrated. It's all good. And since Geo Lucas didn't direct it, not every character has their life sapped out of them at every line.

It really is a good movie though.

So anyhoo - thanks to the internets, I got to star in a two-minute version of the flick. I brought Morty and Becca on for the ride - without their consent. Sue me.

The scary thing is - back in 11th grade, I had this hair! I'm almost 100% sure Becky had that hair too. She still might.

Here is Blob Solo frozen in carbonite.

And here is Blobbo Calrissian. I'm liking the cheesy Gayle Sayers Billy Dee Williams moustache. I'm kind of looking more like the Continental.

So anyway you can go on-line, if you'd like, and put yourself in a Star Wars episode. You can watch my entire Empire Strikes Back movie right here.

On an unrelated note: you can have Darth Vader give you directions via your GPS.

Song by: Dar Williams


cb said...

Blob Leader, standing by.

And as for Kent State? Blah blah, folks. It was forever ago.

Star Wars is WAY more important to our history and culture.

Birdie said...

I was so dazzled I almost missed the [sort of] smile! You're almost there. Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't wait for the Starship Troopers application.

Morty said...

Wow, 1980 was more of a blur than I thought. I totally forgot we starred in this film.

Dith said...

Rebecca is SO MUCH better than old what's her name.