Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Est-Ce Que Tu

Just some images of our trip to Montreal. Probably 1 of 2 postings. Possibly not in a row, but.....

Youville. Mayor of. Population: 1
(the arrow pointing towards Mayor McBlob is a nice touch and totally happenstance)

...taken in the men's room at the Science Center. Throw in Advil and you've everything from your first meeting to post hitting the sheets and out the door - all in one bathroom. That is what I call convenience!

Montreal - from high atop the Jacques Cartier Bridge

Great, easy lunch...and reasonable. And now look at the name again. One word. Say it aloud.
Get it? Get it??

On Parc Jean-Drapeau, there was a raceway, built for cars, but at least this day, it was for bikes. It was great.

No, not the infrastructure for the Death Star, this was a geodesic dome on the island.

A close-up of the dome avec the Maple Leaf.

Doggies and their human pets waiting to watch Dog Cart Races.

Man, Three Disks by Alexander Calder, 1967

Self-portrait. Sitting on some church steps across from Les Glaceurs. What you see is just the end of a waffle cone...and it was some great chocloate ice cream. Their cupcakes were just so-so.

Song by: Dusty Trails


anne marie in philly said...

the dome is a leftover from expo 1967.

alexander calder, a philadelphia artist!

montreal is still as beautiful as when I visited last (1991).

thanks for sharing, blobby!

tornwordo said...

I never noticed that about wrapcity. Clever!

Dith said...

What were these dog cart races? More info, please.