Sunday, May 02, 2010

Breaking Apart

So, last night we went out for "date night". You do these things when one of you (i.e. me) travels all week and you don't see each other ever.

And it was movie and dinner - in that order. We are way behind on our ever-seemingly-unobtainable goal for 12 movies in one year. It was May 1st and it was only our second (!!!!) movie this year. The last one was Avatar and that was on the first of the year. To be fair, the picking have been slim for 2010. Shiteous selections.

We went to see Breaking Upwards. Never heard of it? Yeah, we hadn't either. I just happened upon a review that made it seem out of the ordinary and I figured - what the fuck (or WTF for you texters).

Though they didn't hit it out of the park, it was at least interesting and well done for such an indie. The two "stars" also wrote it, produced it, wrote and sang some of the music. The male star directed.

I think the film was so indie, it wasn't even on film. Before the movie quite started, a Blu-Ray symbol came up and then the word 'play'. The movie was on a frickin' DVD. Is it really a 'projection room' when you just use the remote to fire up the Blu-Ray player?

And while the two leads weren't anyone I knew or have knowingly seen before, the parents of the leads were folks you knew by name or at least by face.

The premise was slightly different and without too many spoilers, there is no neat and tidy ending - which I'm actually ok with. Relationships and life rarely have those.

The copywrite is for 2009, but just hitting the art-type theater here - so maybe it is already in your stores and Netflix, if not - it can't be far behind in coming. It's at least worthy of a rental.

Song by: Chris Isaak


Birdie said...

I enjoyed "City Island" recently. You might like it: an Italian family in all its dysfunctional glory, but ultimately redeeming. And it has an often-shirtless Steven Strait as a bonus.

tornwordo said...

We rented Precious to watch tonight. Last night was Up in the Air. Glad to see the bloggy back.

rebecca said...

Why do you so adamantly refuse to name the stars or the stars' famous parents?