Friday, May 14, 2010

Beginning French

Oh, I might have forgotten to mention, I'm taking a few days off, not of blogging, but of work. With this job, not a lot of PTO rolls over to next calendar year, so it behooves me to use it - which I normally do not.

The original plan was for me to do a work meeting in Vermont near the Canadian border and then take a day off so I could have a long weekend in Montreal. Yes, I invited Denton.

....but then days got switched around, a few times, but this last time I thought I had it nailed. Plane tickets were purchased, cars were rented and hotels booked. Then the client changed the date until June. Frick.

But you know what? We're going anyway. And now, we basically have an extra day, since our time away won't be interrupted by me giving a three hour presentation. Sweet!

Actually, by the time you read this - we'll already be there.

I reached out to Tornwordo for a l'hotel and he directed me to a nice place....or seemingly nice. Who can tell with photos from a website really? But it beats a Days Inn....which seems to be 'Days Inn' in French. Some things just don't translate.

I'm hoping my lack of French won't be too problematic for this trip. I took a few years of it and the skill set has been gone for...well.....forever. I can eke out some things and make nicities and understand some of it if they talk s-l-o-w, but anyway you look at it I'm going to butcher something and just end up being the ugly American.

Hopefully, the nice French-Canadian people will see us make a valid and sincere attempt and not spit on us. Sometimes, that's the best you can hope for.

I'm hoping to meet up with Torn and possibly Serge (and yes, Georgie) if we can arrange it. Nothing has been solidified, so we'll see. Poor Denton, getting dragged into my Blog Life.

You will get updates and pitchers (as a friend of mine says). It is possible you won't get them until my return, but we'll see what kind of connectivity we have....and what kind of time I have. If not until my return, I will have some canned blog posts ready to go - just in case.

(oh, and this is my 1800th post! yikes!!!!)

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Birdie said...

Whoa! You get to meet Tornwordo! Awesome. I'm jealous. Pictures, please.

tornwordo said...

Yay! Don't worry, Montréalers love tourists. Speak English all you like and just learn Bonjour and Merci and you'll be in like Flint.

I want Denton and Serge to meet, they can talk about how much they hate getting dragged into their husband's blogging lives.