Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hitler's Brothers

Ok, I kind of lied. I had some stuff ready to post, as I might not have had time to do real-time posts while taking a mini-vacation. But two of my all-time favourite media folks, Keith Olbermann and Lewis Black, in one clip proved too much to not post.

Lewis' Back in Black moments are some of the best things on television and he has truly outdone himself in regards to slaying Glenn Beck. I was sitting in my hotel room with tears in my eyes and pounding the chair on which I sat, with my fist. Truly a classic clip.

Ok. Now that you've had your laugh (hopefully), perhaps tomorrow you can read about my adventures. Because as you all know - it is all about me!

Song by: Paula Cole


Birdie said...

When I see him I wonder when he's going to explode. But he is hilarious.

david Joseph said...

My agent Hillary has a huge crush on him. Welcome back.