Saturday, May 01, 2010

We're Doing Alright

I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm back up and running - all due to Denton. Nothing to do with me. It was all him.

I think migration is done. I think all images are accounted for. Links seem to be linked. Archives seem to be all in order (though to be fair, I didn't check each and every one).

So starting tomorrow I resume with my posts. For May, you will get two Record of the Month submissions because I never got to my one for April. It's not like you're all taking my advice and buying (or not) due to my reviews. I wish I had that much power and influence. But they are a staple of this blog and they'll remain.

But barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'm back.

update: we're not alright. images were all there until I (re)added the cake image in a post on 4/28 - then all other images have seemingly disappeared. When tech support is home from the gym, I'll have him look into it. That is after I make him take me take him to lunch.

Song by: Marti Jones

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