Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Way Home

I'm home. For a few days. Then back on the road.

Honestly, overall, I don't mind it. I have to say, the Residence Inn has the best pillows I've come across in hotel living. Most of them suck beyond belief. I don't really need the dishwasher, cook top and full refrig. I mean, I'm only there for two to three days, not weeks. If I had to live there, it would be pretty grim.

But I'm back from another trip to Philadelphia. Outside of Philly actually. Not much to do other than work, but it was at least interesting and spent some time with my peers, whom I actually really like.

Oh, someone there brought in Conshohocken (no, not a typo) Tomato Pie. Or as you and I would call it: Pizza without Cheese. Don't call it that though, apparently the natives get all bent out of shape about this Philly "delicacy".

Once again, I also had to deal with the dreaded Philadelphia airport. It really is the pits when it comes to big town airports. Some of the terminals connect, but only if you get past security. Other than that you have to walk outside.

Terminal D is the big one, where you wait forever for your TSA screening. But if you go to a less congested one, g-d forbid, those can't accommodate my mobile boarding pass, which resides on my iPhone. So you're made to go to Terminal D for that, but since I'm not past security, they make you walk outside.

BTW, the mobile boarding pass is a cool thing, when it works. Sometimes the scanners aren't all that. And some of the smaller airports don't have the technology to accommodate them. However, the guy behind me at the gate must have repeated "that is so cool!" about eight times. And it is. I can pretend it is to be green, but the iPhone will last a lot longer in the landfill than my paper ticket. But that's ok, it is so cool!

Oh, as for my image at the title? I totally fucked with FAA rules and used a portable electronic device when I was specifically told to power them off. Suck it!!!!

Song by: Kirsty MacColl


Birdie said...

I gotta say, your iPhone photos are really pretty good. My BlackBerry shots are just awful.

I'm waiting for the iPhone to be available through Verizon. Whenever that happens, I will be first in line.

Anonymous said...

You simply have to love the of the best phones I've ever had!

anne marie in philly said...

Conshohocken Tomato Pie - pronounced "con-sha-HOCK-en" for you non-native philadelphians. it's native american in origin.

Or as you and I would call it: Pizza without Cheese. Don't call it that though, apparently the natives get all bent out of shape about this Philly "delicacy". - actually, I HATE tomato without cheese sucks! AND it's served COLD (EWWWW)! I also hate another native philly dish, scrapple. I know, I know, I ought to have my philly card revoked!!!!!

if you were in conshy, you were about 10 miles from my house! DAMN! one of these friggin' days, we WILL meet up!

tornwordo said...

We had to take a shuttle out on the tarmac to get to our terminal (F if I recall) in order to avoid a second security checkpoint. (We had already bought duty free booze, so we didn't want confiscation to occur.)