Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sunlit Room

100 year old houses - there ain't nothing easy about them. Something always needs repaired, updated or redone.

We've been stymied on our next renovation project for any number of reasons: cost is always one. which project is more important. how do we do one project that doesn't bleed into another, thus taking on two or three at once, which then goes right back to cost.

The sunroom has been lower on the list, though it is on the list. It is one of our smallest rooms, but one we spend the majority of our time in. I think it might have just gotten moved up in priority.

For the last few weeks, off and on, I got whiffs of a mildew smell. It took Denton and other week or so before he experienced it. In the two week time frame, it would set off Denton's asthma when he'd step into the room. And it got to the point I couldn't really stand it anymore, but could not figure out from where it was eminating.

The big concerns were that it was a leak in the roof and that we'd not only have to repair/replace it, but there'd be a mold problem as well. I started to shut-down. I couldn't deal with that (which also might be an issue with ever picking our next project).

Finally this last weekend, Denton did find the source: a small, but consistent, radiator leak going onto carpet, behind a piece of furniture.

We drained the radiators, since I think we're done for a few months with the need for heat, and a plumber will be needed to fix the leak.

As you can see, to get rid of the smell at this point, meant using an exacto knife on the carpet, thus probably pushing up a sunroom renovation in our house-beautification time line. But in my mind, there were better things to do, so maybe a potted plant over the big gaping parallelogram of floor will suffice for a bit.

Not pretty, that's for sure, but then I haven't seen the plant selection.

Song by: Don Dixon


Birdie said...

Well, at least the room didn't deflate.

tornwordo said...

Good news. A roof leak would have sucked. Cruise by the back of a carpet store and grab a parallelogramous remnant and you're all set.