Thursday, June 24, 2010


OMG - we experienced a somewhat rare earthquake yesterday here in Ohio. It's like the biggest disaster to hit NE Ohio since the big power grid failure of August 2003! People were all a-twitter (and I'm sure twittering). And by "disaster" I mean something that lasted 14 seconds that had people talking about it for hours afterwards.

Epicentered up Canada, it was easily felt on the Northcoast and many other places, but you'd think by the way some people acted that the earth opened up and swallowed dozens of folks whole.

I actually found it neat that my work building swayed for a bit. I tend to rock in my chair, since I fidget a lot, so I wasn't 100% sure I felt what I thought I did - or that what I was feeling weren't due to my actions. I made jokes about watching for a tsunami on Lake Erie.

All the gals in my office were beside themselves - actually talking of having to going home!!!! Really????

If you look, earthquakes aren't really that uncommon. While I'm sure the map will change by the time you click on it, there were 1427 tremors in the last seven days - in the U.S. alone! ...and that's only covering 48 of our states - but in truth we don't care about Alaska, thanks to Sarah Palin. There, if the earth opened up and swallowed her whole, we might create a national holiday. I'd spearhead the project.

This map also doesn't take Canada into consideration - so the one we just experienced below the border isn't even accounted for. It's kind of like gay marriage and socialized medicine.

Heck, even Ohio has plenty of quakes. See? We have plenty of faults too - and not just Dayton and Youngstown (bada bing!). What we don't have is Al Michaels in Candlestick Park saying, "I'll tell ya what....we're having an ear...."

So yeah, it is worth a blog entry, but not worth talking about for hours. This is more just for historical documentation. Keep it moving folks - nothing to see here.......

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Cubby said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch.

OMG word verification = kinki!! Oh, I think this is going to be a wonderful day!!!!

AJohnP said...

SO funny. I love that the ladies at work were all in a panic. Of course, it was all over the news this morning. They were talking to all sorts of people who 'experienced' it in various parts of Boston. One woman who was interviewed said that she felt the building shake, turned to her co-worker to see if she too felt it and then the two of them were 'totally trippin' once they realized what it was.

Birdie said...

The only quakes I've felt were in Indiana, epicenter of white bread and fried foods. One was pretty substantial, centered in Evansville. Apparently the New Madrid ("New MADrid") fault is huge and at one time changed the course of the Mississippi and caused it to flow backward. When it finally shifts again—it's overdue—we will definitely know it.

Anonymous said...


anne marie in philly said...

we didn't feel a damn thing here!

PS - sorry about your baseball team...we seem to have found our bats...and we used them to great advantage!