Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dream Date

At best, Denton and I get date night like once a week. And I'm being generous.

Normally, we work long hours, or I travel, or....... yeah, you get the picture. Saturdays normally we like to hang at home and have time together, because that is all we usually have, save an hour or two at night before I haul my hairy ass up to bed.

So that leaves Friday nights usually for our date night. And as you have seen, many a-time, we like to hit our favourite wine bar for a bottle (or two) and some small plates. It's nice to sit outdoors this time of year.

Since this Sunday I have to actually travel for work, our time is even more limited.

It's fair to say I was not a happy camper when we went out last night in his "new" ride and before we got to a restaurant, when the car died! He's had it a month, and while it is a 2009 demo, it only has 7800 miles on it. And it fucking stops working.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), we were able to coast to a side street where he tried to get it to go again so we could make it home. He couldn't. He called AAA, I decided to hoof it home to get my car. 1.8 miles. But who is counting?

The more I walked, the more pissed I was about his "new" car - I mean it wasn't even mine. But here I was, the one walking home.

I guess there is an upside to the evening: AAA came in like 30 minutes, I went back in my car, picked up the man and we went to Clyde's Bistro for a late dinner. So it wasn't a total crappy night, just not the one we planned.

Song by: Neil Finn


tornwordo said...

We had a date night too last night. But ours are more like once a month if that.

sorry about the car. It's still under warranty I imagine.

Jonny said...

So the msg here is, never buy a BMW...

cb said...

Well, at least did you have car-hate sex afterward??

Blobby said...

Well Torn, I did say I was being generous. Normally it's about twice a month.

Jon - I don't know that answer. I'll be interested to hear what it is. Maybe a bad tankful of petrol for all I know.

Chris - no, but I could see where that might have been an option.