Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Letter

Yeah, I know that the image doesn't say 'letter' in any way, shape or form. Work with me here.

The image is a view from my dental chair yesterday. Yes, it was my semi-annual cleaning. Of course, I hope that's all it ever is, and I was not disappointed. Some x-rays, scraping, picking, brushing and flossing.

Oh and they did some oral cancer screening too. That was new. Sounds like it might be part of new Medicare guidelines. ....not that I qualify for Medicare...........yet. But Mcare is what most reimbursement policies are based on - no matter who your payor is. There - you just learned something. Oh - and I don't have any kind of oral cancer! Bonus!!!!!

I got a clean bill or dental health. Dental. Not Mental. They're not miracle workers.

But I did find something more painful than going to the dentist: the post office.


I am all for cutting funding and Saturday deliveries. Cut the entire fucking program and make it even more privatized. Kids currently running a lemonade stand could be more efficient.

If - and it is such a big word for only two letters - this branch worked 25 times better/harder than they did yesterday, it still would have made Barbaro look fast - and that would have been after they put him down.

Mind you I was only one of two customers there when I arrived - the first guy took forever! He had an expired PO Box, no ID, no money - yet (and get this) - they still let him renew and gave him keys to a fucking box. Mind you, that only took 18 minutes, but I don't know how long he was there before me.

I had a certified letter I had to pick up. One sent from our city, which is in horrible financial shape, yet they pay for a letter to be signed for which was such a non-event, there was nothing that could not have been sent via regular mail.

The lady took my request and then I think she went on break. She was gone for 12 minutes!!!!! I was so mad, I just stood there and peeled the dead skin off my arms and let the flakes fall where they may. I'm surprised I didn't hit blood vessels, but there was a pile of flesh on the floor. By this time there were about six folks behind me, I'm sure watching me scrape my arms. (btw....I did blister horribly, and oozed earlier, so I'm going with my 2nd degree sunburn.)

I won't even go into the signature process, but the entire time I watching the clock because I had this dentist appointment. I built in an extra 45 frickin' minutes for the post office (including travel time) and still ran late......all to pick up a letter.

Who'd have ever thunk that going to the dentist would be the highlight of the afternoon??

On the plus side, my dentist has FINALLY upgraded their equipment from 1964 to almost modern day!!! I was so happy, I almost smiled..........

Song by: Nat'lie Merchant


Breenlantern said...

Great picture...I knew there was a glimmer of silliness under that cold hard rough exterior of yours...just took a sunburn and lots of peeling to find it :-)

Cubby said...

"...peeled the dead skin off my arms and let the flakes fall where they may." I think I just puked a little in my mouth.

Birdie said...

Your closing sentence made me laugh out loud.

At least this wasn't all just for a french letter.

anne marie in philly said...

the PO never seems to have more than 1 window open at the counter, which means it takes for f-ing EVAH to get something done.

I avoid it like the plague for nov and dec...also april.

send the mail to fedex or ups instead!