Monday, June 21, 2010

The Warmth of the Sun

Yesterday we did a good 36 mile ride down to Peninsula. It was down the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The towpath for the Ohio and Erie Canal runs through there. They have not built the entire bike path up to Lake Erie, but it is getting closer.

The thought was to go all the way down to Akron, but we had time limitations since I had to be at dinner for Father's Day.

We might had made it if not for the Sunday crowd on the path. The people who rent bikes and take leisurely rides (which is fine), and do it side by side so no one can pass safely, or at all (which is not). I've never said "on your left" so many times in my life.

We averaged about 15-16 mph on the way down and the weather was great for it. The heat index was not too high, nor the humidity. On the way back, it was a major headwind all the way. It slowed us down to closer to 12 mph.

At the half-way point (Peninsula) we stopped for lunch, because Blobby was hungee. I neglected to pack power-sauce bars with the awesomeness of apples, so we had to sit and eat.

I almost called the post 'Sex on Fire' because my bike shorts were not holding up. My taint was a bit sore about a third of the way back. It wasn't long lasting - as an hour after stopping I was all good. I knew you'd want to know all of that.

This pic is mostly for Birdie. ...and Garkawe. Look. A smile. And more and more grey in the beard. Oh well. Look at this way: I don't have striped shirt and a goofy pattern on my shorts like this dude riding behind me.

Oh - and I'm wearing my helmet like a good rider. I'd say two-thirds of all the riders on the trail did not. What's that about?

Here I am at lunch. We just kicked back for an hour and tried to eat healthy but more importantly not heavily. I did not want to ride 18 miles back and be all bloated.

The one thing we also did not do before the ride: SPF - any number, pick one. Now look at that number and multiply it by 0. We fucked up and we fucked up bad. Actually, the ride just gave us colour and maybe a little redness. But where I am sitting at lunch, I was a lot more exposed than Denton. A LOT more.....

See? My left shoulder and arm took the brunt. The back of the neck isn't as bad as it could have been. The top of my legs are a bit red, but it will turn into a nice summer brown, as will my right shoulder and arm.

The left one, I am guessing the skin will start peeling off in sheets in about 6-7 days, after the bubbling and flaking gets going. Yes I will lotion and aloe, but I know the drill. The damage is done. I am so not looking forward to showers over the next three days. PAINFUL.

I'd say I've learned my lesson, but only time will tell on that one.

I really do love getting out on the bike and am looking forward to my next outing......along with Ms. Coppertone 45.

Song by: the Beach Boys


tornwordo said...

Taint woes would have been a good title, lol. That's a long bike ride!

Birdie said...

Thank you for sharing the intimate details of your ride. The world needs to know. But that SMILE! See? You look great!

I'd ask for photos of the wildlife and scenery, but if it all looks like that background in the first shot, never mind.

anne marie in philly said...

yeah, I really wanna know about your taint!

that sunburn looks so painful...

tues-wed-thurs: the tribe sweeps the phillies; it's not looking too good for my boyz...