Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Littlest Birds

I have a bird buddy. ...yes, that sounds as odd typing it as it does reading it.

For the last few weeks, whenever I cut the lawn I have a robin who comes out of nowhere and follows me around. Weird, right?

The first time it was just kind of cute. He'd (I'm assuming it's male due to his colouring) hop around, just following me, or a little bit in front of the mower. He'd never fly away and maybe just bop
to the side if I got too close.

Then it happened again and again. Each and every time I would mow the yard he'd show up and the pattern would be the same. So far he hasn't missed a time.

Yes, I am assuming it is the same bird. I haven't had multiple ones show and since the pattern is always the same, I'm just guessing we've got a thing............goin' on. Maybe I'll call him "Mrs. Jones".

Yesterday was no exception. I had cut about half the yard before he showed up. But show up he did. And like clockwork, he just followed me around, watching me and and checking me out.

I don't get his game. Do I uncover grubs or worms or something? Do I make it easier for him to go eat or provide for his family?

Either way I kind of like it. I like the routine or the unknown buddy-system we seem to have. I get nothing out of it other than a smile, but I'm assuming he gets something too - whatever that might be.

Song by: the Be Good Tanyas


Nice to see StevieB said...

He likes your plumage.

tornwordo said...

Have Denton take a vid!

Birdie said...

I would love to see that video.

heat said...

That's kinda rad...Most I ever used to see mowing the lawn was garder snakes.