Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Toy

Frick - we are so behind on our movie-going goal. It is so not going to happen. But I have faced this early on in the year and with enough counseling, I should make it through.

Yesterday, instead of going to Pride - we opted to go to see Toy Story 3. Like the Pixar movie, Pride has pretty much the same on-going cast of characters - and it's been all said and done before. The tipping point was the 90 degree heat and threat of thunderstorms. The theater had air conditioning - and popcorn.

The computer-generated characters in the movie were also not nearly as annoying as most of the folks who show up to Pride. ...and except for "Ken", they are not as gay-acting.

Because Denton is Denton, we didn't just go to the movie, or the 3-D version of the movie. Nooooooo.......

.....we went to XXX XD 3D version. With Denton, if it is newer, more advanced and more expensive, then he's all over it. Why the hell do you think he's with me???

Truth be told - I'm not sure there is a lick of difference between regular 3-D and the new-fangled version, except another three bucks. Save your cash for your Milk Duds. Like with Up, I'm not sure 3-D is needed at all.

Every single commercial before the movie was Toy Story related. It was tres annoying. The marketing and tie-ins are way overboard. For that many commercials, the movie should have been at a discounted rate. I think every movie preview was in 3-D, so you had to wear your glasses for those too.

As always, the Pixar short prior to the movie was as good as, or better than, the actual movie. They do a great job with those. Day & Night was no exception.

The movie itself was good. It's getting great reviews and I think they did a good job with the story and action, but I don't think it was as clever as Toy Story 2. Yes, it had some very funny moments - and the first 5-10 minutes might be the best thing of the movie. Loved that. And I really like Buzz en EspaƱol.

And yes, there was some tender moments that would pull at your heart strings - but luckily for me, I have no strings........or heart.

Oh - and for the umpteenth time in Pixar movie history, you have to endure Randy Newman's music and "singing". What in g-d's name does that man have over the folks at Pixar?

Anyway, it was a fun and nice movie. Totally worth it - and oddly enough, the theater was only about 10% filled and not a lot of snot-nosed kids. I'm not sure how that happened - except for the fact that the ticket prices were way higher due to the XD 3D. Maybe not having kids in the place is totally worth the admission fee.

Oh - and once again, you totally get to see me with my 3D glasses on.

C'mon, they wanted me to recycle them but we paid big bucks for them. I know I have no use for them, but now no one else will either.

Song by: Lene Lovich


Birdie said...

Dood. (Is that a smile I almost see?)

Brettcajun said...

You are soooo manly... except in your movie choices... ;)

cb said...

I really liked Toy Story 3-- perhaps not my favorite Pixar or favorite Toy Story movie... but it was damn good.

And it made me cry.

And it was deliciously violent for a Pixar movie!

Cubby said...

You made a good choice in skipping Pride -- because it's not for another week! Columbus Pride was yesterday, and Greg and I went. It was fantastic! I'm really starting to hate Dayton.

Anonymous said...

Those glasses are a Pride Parade in themselves, Erkel. Perhaps Denton should make your next hi tech gadget an audi tt.

tornwordo said...

Serge is like Denton, all over the new and shiny and technologically improved.