Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

Last night was my first Indians game of the season.

If you look not so closely to either of my images, not many other people made it their first, third or ninth game. Such is the life of being an Indians fan. If, as a team, you're not winning - you don't exist.

But last night we defied the odds and not only won, but it was a shut out: 11-0. Yes, you read that correctly. Your eyes do not deceive you.

I wasn't worried so much about winning, as we had an early lead, which is as unusual for us as winning. But my would-be husband (oh yes, please click on the link!) was 0-4 at bat. Hell, he was worse than Casey.

But at his fifth time at bat, bases were loaded. And really, what you want from a designated hitter is to, well, HIT! And hit he did.....right out of center field. Grand slam!!!!!

This is why I would agree to marry him.

But it was a beautiful night - as you can kind of see.

Unfortunately, this is picture is from the 2nd inning. No one was there. And get this, half of the fans were from Boston.

To be fair, it is honestly cheaper to fly to Cleveland, get a hotel and ticket to the game than it is to get a ticket at Fenway. Isn't that crazy?

But it was clear, after an entire day of rain, and it was 77 degrees with zero humidity. How is this possible??

So yes, the first game of the season, but not the last. I want the Indians to win, but if you grew up in Cleveland as I have, you are a fan or not - regardless of their ability to pull out a game.

And apparently my man-date, Scott, is easily thrown when I do my beer-burps. Normally we go out for wine, so he wasn't expecting the volume and depth of my belches. I'm a little tres declasse, but you have to learn to live with it.

...and yes, I'm writing this a little drunk. Five beers in seven innings - and two brats.

Song by: Shirley Bassey


AJohnP said...

I won't comment on the fact that you guys SLAUGHTERED us - really, what could I possibly say? - but it always amazes me to see a ball park empty like that. The only MLB games I've been to have been at Fenway Park, and there is nary a seat to be had. And yes, it is WAY too expensive to see a game there, which is why I just wait for someone to give me a free ticket. It's happened twice already this season. :-)
Glad you had fun!!

Birdie said...

You write well when you're drunk. I'm not sure I should encourage this though, if it includes beer-burps.

brian said...

Hope when my High School class goes to the ballpark,we get HALF the results!

anne marie in philly said...

from philly, it's easier to go to DC to see a game.

BTW, CLE comes in to PHL on 6/22-24. wonder what's gonna happen? yeah, we will probably roll over and play dead! what say you?

Blobby said...

Oh Birdie, in theory I wrote well, but when I sobered up, I went back and corrected all my typos.

Anne Marie we'll probably split the series, but I agree, taking Amtrak down to DC is a breeze from Philly. I do want to see a Nationals game, or just the stadium.