Sunday, June 06, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream

I have not written about any of my dreams in long long while. It used to be an on-going, yet underlying, stream in this blog.

And here we are - another tale to tell. It's not that interesting. I mean, it's wart related. And kind of Spidermen related. Yeah - you heard me correctly.

If you really want to dig through my archives (and I don't think you do), you might remember that I've had a thumb-wart for about two years. First thought to be just a callous, I finally sought treatment. All I can say is that the doctor somehow managed to mangle it worse than the original problem. Those nine times of freezing did nothing but make matters worse - at least the looks department. I've spared you any images because you are a squeamish bunch.

However, a little stock tip: buy in Band-Aid (no, not "do they know it's xmas) or Curad. I will be wearing two to three bandages a week, probably for life.

So my dream. Friday night it was that the wart fell out. I was left with a gaping hole in my right thumb. Yes, there were little remnants of wart at the bottom of the thumb-hole, but I knew it was only a matter of time they too fell out and the wound healed from the inside-out.

The Spidermen (nah, not a typo, that's what I call him: Jewish webslinger by night, CPA by day) reference? I was showing the chick who played MJ in the movies my thumb. I was ecstatic.

Imagine my disappointment when waking up and seeing said bandage still covering my shame. Ok - not upon waking up, but when I went to the showers after working out. I think about it mostly then because the band-aid usually comes off in the shower.


Dream Update: I just woke up and this time I rode from a city street into a bike shoppe with Morty, which was attached to a restaurant/diner. Literally rode into it. Everything was chicken on the menu. I ordered some chicken salad with mandarin oranges and it came with waffles, which I don't even like. I wasn't going to do it, but a guy in a suit asked the owner (who looked suspiciously like the principal from Glee), if it wasn't the mayor's favourite and without looking up from the paper, the owner affirmed and said the waffles were traditional. Oh and at some point, Morty turned into Denton.

Song by: Kathy Geiss (yes, Don Geiss' daughter from '30 Rock' - I mean, you saw that episode, right?)


Morty said...

Do you swim in the pool at my gym?! Invariably there will be at least one bandaid on the floor of my lane.

Morty's sorry about your warty. It must be stubborn if freezing doesn't work.

Birdie said...

You might be able to kill the wart fungus by taking a very powerful pill for a short time. Check with a dermatologist. And: ew. Thank you for NOT showing us the picture.

Design said...

Freezing warts helps and it gets rid of them quickly