Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Happy Birthday

I'm traveling today and will not be home for Sophie's 4th birthday.

Oh - she looks all sweet and innocent here, and she is about 87% good, but that 13% evil....mostly just to her poor sister.

She is smart as all get-out though. I have never seen a cat with so many problem-solving skillsm though most of them involve stalking, strking and bouncing. These skills work to her advantage, but not necessarily to Denton's and mine. Her brain is always going. Thank g-d she has no opposable thumb or we'd be screwed. There aren't many doors or cabinets she hasn't figured out. Let's not discuss the unwiring of our security system.

Soph is also the most affectionate cat we have ever had. The folks at Rescue Village really nurtured their temporary residents with lots of love and socialization. That has worked to our advantage.

We haven't had her for four years......yet, but she was born four years ago today....so says her papers.

We'll celebrate with wet food when I get home.

Here's just a parting shot of her. She can really sleep anywhere in any position. ...as you can clearly see.

Song by: Laurie Anderson


Birdie said...

I love that closing shot! She's a cutie.

We had a cat that learned how to open our bedroom door by hanging on the knob and jiggling it until the latch popped. Her weight would swing the door open and she'd stroll in. If we didn't get up, she'd jump on the dresser and then BOOM to the top of the door where she would perch. If that didn't work, she would rinse and repeat until we got up.

Nick said...

When I read "So Happy Birthday" I immediately thought of Laurie Anderson, and laughed when I saw the musical reference.

anne marie in philly said...

my steven and meredith say: "meow mrup miao, sophie!"

what a pretty girl!